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We Happy to Help

At Milani Insurance Services, Inc. we've been handling health and benefits since ERISA became law, so we've learned a thing or two or three about how insurance works.  

How Do We Work?

Got a problem with a medical bill?  Over the years we've saved our clients thousands of dollars by identifying inaccurate or unnecessary medical bills.  And, of course, we'll also help you determine which plan best meets your specific needs.  

Confused by the alphabet soup of Medicare?  Wondering what - or if - there's a difference between Part A and Plan A?   (There is.)   Trying to figure out whether the annual election period applies to you?  Call us.  We talk Medi-speak.

In transition? 

We'll help you navigate the legislative labrinth of COBRA, Cal-COBRA, and HIPAA rules.

Check out the useful links in our Resources catalog.  Or drop us a note:  we're easy to talk to.  

Let us put our knowledge to use for you.

Questions?  Click on the "FAQ" below.


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At Milani Insurance Services, Inc. we specialize in taking care of you.   Whether you're a small business owner, a consultant, or 'just you", we're here to make your life easier - at least as far as your insurance is concerned. 
Got questions?   Give us a call at 818/907-3388.   Or drop us a note at bonnie@milaniinsurance.com

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Milani Insurance Services, Inc *
CA  Lic  # 0E72605    
Encino * CA * 91436
Phone: (818) 907-3388 Fax: (818) 907-7010

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